Managing knowledge – Building blocks for success


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Artikelnummer: 43859


Auteur: Gilbert Probst



Managing Knowledge is an extensive and eminently readable overview of the most important ideas, tools and current applications of knowledge management. The authors rely on an innovative ‘building block’ approach and provide a detailed description of the most important knowledge processes in organizations.

“We are experiencing a paradigm shift from an industrial age to a service/knowledge age. We are all looking for new answers that will give meaning and purpose to our efforts, and make sense of knowledge processes. This book is an excellent tool: it is easy to read and contains practical examples which help us to deal with the issues. I enjoyed reading it.” Heinz Fischer, Vice-President (Personnel), Deutsche Bank

“Knowledge of customer needs, markets, patents, products and processes is a key strategic resource in today’s business world. The use of this resource, particularly in larger companies, is becoming a matter of survival in highly competitive and innovation-driven markets. The practical approach to knowledge management offered by Gilbert Probst, Steffen Raub and Kai Romhardt should prove an extremely useful tool.” Heinrich v. Pierer, President and CEO, Siemens AG

“In this book Professor Pobst and his colleagues show in a great way how to systematize and work on increasing the efficiency of strategic knowledge management.” Leif Edvinsson, Director, Intellectual Capital, Skandia

“Knowledge will dominate our entire 21st century social environment. Organizations will rapidly divide into those that know and those that don’t. Leaders of tomorrow must make better use than they have done in the past of what knowledge their employees hold. This book will show you how.” Bob Bishop, Chairman, Silicon Graphics World Trade Corporation

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